March 15, 2012
The Seven Faces of Philanthropy

When preparing a message for a donor or donors it always helpful to look at The Seven Faces of Philanthropy. Is the message the same for #2 as it is for #4? Can a single message meet the needs or requirements of all the “faces”?  Probably not but, at least, consider them when crafting a case for support.

When writing a thank you letter or a proposal for a single donor then you have the opportunity to personalize and really focus on that donor’s “face”.

1. The Communitarian: Doing Good Makes Sense

2. The Devout: Doing Good Is God’s Will

3. The Investor: Doing Good Is Good Business

4. The Socialite: Doing Good Is Fun

5. The Altruist: Doing Good Feels Good

6. The Repayer: Doing Good in Return

7. The Dynast: Doing Good Is a Family Tradition

The Seven Faces of Philanthropy

Russ Alan Prince & Karen Maru File

1994 Jossey-Bass Inc.

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